Do you require furniture that can morph to fit your lifestyle? There’s no harder working item than a sofa bed. When you invest in a good sofa bed or you’ll have somewhere comfy to watch TV and chill out and then when you have guests, you can offer them a spot to sleep. Talk about versatility! Our range of sofa beds come in different configurations, colours and sizes so there will always be something that suits your requirements. There’s something for everyone at Wesco Hub.

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Gone are the days where you had to compromise on comfort when purchasing a sofa bed for your home. Furniture design and new technology advances mean that not only will they be comfy to snooze on, they will also do a great job of just being a sofa. The traditional pull out sofa beds with a mattress inside are still available but becoming a thing of the past and definitely not as supportive as a normal bed. A style that is beautiful, comfortable and even easier to manage is replacing the older designs. At Wesco Hub we have an interesting range of ‘click-clack’ and ‘modular’ style sofa beds that instantly transform from a couch to a king single sized sofa bed.  Simply lay down the back of the sofa and it becomes a bed. What could be easier than that?

They come in varying sizes but we recommend getting a luxurious 3 seater sofa bed to really make things spacious for you and your guests. Our range comes in every shade of white and grey you can think of and also a selection of greens and blues for those who love a pop of colour in their home.

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Our sofa bed range is extensive, and so are the other categories. If you’re looking for bedroom furniture, bed frames, and beds with storage then we have you covered.

If you have any queries about our extensive range of modern furniture for sale online at Wesco Hub, please get in contact with our team today.