Traditional bedroom furniture can take up a lot of space - the bed frame, the bedside tables, a dresser - and if you want to get a desk in there you’ll be hard pressed to find where to fit it. If this sounds like your problem, create more space with a loft bed. Not just for kids rooms, but also for a guest room where you need to sleep a few people. You just have to make sure your guests are sprightly enough to get up and down a ladder to snooze safely above the room.

Function, fun and space saving loft bunk beds for sale

The most obvious room in the house that a loft bed with a desk would work in is your child or teenager’s room. When you’re short on space in your bedrooms at home, capitalise on the vertical area and go upwards with a kids loft bed. It will be super fun for them and a lot easier for you to make a room multifunctional. If you have two kids who love to share a room, then a single bunk bed sounds like it's in order immediately.

If you’re looking for a style or colour that fits in with the rest of your decor then we have a lot of different finishes including white, timber or wood with metal handrails. You can also choose the size that works best for you including single loft style, single over single, single over double or even loft beds with a roll out double. You’ll never be stuck in a room for guests and sleepover buddies.

All of our bunk beds and loft beds are very safe and tested to comply with Australian standards. No matter whether you’re sleeping, playing or reading in your kids bedrooms, you can rest assured knowing whoever uses the space will be safe.

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