Timeless, decorative wall clock to add style to your home

Our stunning oversized designer clocks are the perfect decor to add functionality and elegance to any space. Display it in your living room, home office, hallway, or any wall that’s lacking a bit of substance. Our wall clocks are manufactured from high quality materials that will serve you for years to come. Choose from gold, black, cream, or a combination of colours to suit your theme. Additionally, we offer a selection of classically round, octagonal, or irregularly shaped wall clocks to make a statement. For more home decor, browse the rest of the Wesco Hub range for lamps, and more.


About Wesco Hub

At Wesco Hub, our mission is driven by three things - family, living, and giving back. We offer the products you need to create the home you’ve always imagined, and that will inspire you to dream even bigger. Our furniture, and home and living pieces are made to last, and will stay with you while you create lifelong memories.


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Got a question? Contact the team at Wesco Hub for more information about our decorative wall clocks. Wesco Hub offers Australia-wide shipping, so you can shop your products and get them quickly delivered to your door. Shop without hesitation by choosing our flexible financing plans that allow you to pay for your products in four installments.